Top off Your New Home With a Durable Roof

Invest in a high-quality roof installation in Sweetwater & Abilene, TX and the surrounding areas

There's a lot that goes into building a new home. One of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing what type of roof you get. Thankfully, Texas Homes Roofing and Construction offers top-notch roof installation services in Sweetwater & Abilene, TX and the surrounding area.

We work with all major brands, and we'll show you samples of your different options to help you make an informed decision. Contact our team today to get a free estimate for a new roof installation.

How to prepare your home for a roof replacement

If your current roof is damaged or old, our team can provide expert roof replacement services. To help the day go smoothly, prepare your home by:

  • Moving cars out of the driveway and garage
  • Relocating fragile or valuable items from your attic to the ground floor
  • Creating a 15-foot premier around your home that's free of toys and debris

Want to learn more about our roof replacement services? Talk to our expert roofers today.